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Bolt: Ostrava is like home to me

26.6.2017 | 16:40

Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz)

For ninth time Usain Bolt is going to compete at Ostrava Golden Spike meeting. Before he runs one of his last 100 meters event he met the journalists at a press conference. Bolt epxplained why he always enjoys coming back to Ostrava and what are his further career plans.

It’s yours 9th time in Ostrava. Isn’t it too hot this year?

Comparing to the last editions, definitely it’s warmer than I’ve been used to.

We always had little jokes here in press conferences, especially you did some. Is there little bit of nostalgia or sadness now when it is the last time?

I’m happy to be here because it’s one of my favourite meetings and it’s a great feeling to be here. I’ve been coming here for years so it’s almost like home to me. I know it here very well – the stadium, rooms…so it’s wonderful.

What do you remember about your first edition here in Ostrava in 2006?

We all know it is always the weather. It was like North Pole to me and I am shocked it is that warm now. I guess I brought some sun from Jamaica and I definitely need this warm weather. I have always had good memories here, I remember all bunch of fans watching me warming up one year. I signed some autographs for them.

9th time in Ostrava, what makes it so special for you? What do you like the most in Ostrava?

For me, fans who come no matter what is going on, no matter when it is, if it’s cold or hot. The stadium was full every time I was here and for me it has always been a big experience. I have been to a lot of meets around and when the weather is not good, the fans just do not show up. But here, no matter what the weather is, the stadium is full. It really matters to me when I feel the support. Crowd really pushes me to do my best.

Is there any kind of doubt or desire to continue as your career is going to an end this year?

I don’t think so, for me it has been great career, I enjoyed all the ups and downs, all experiences I have gathered, all things I have been through, happiness and sadness. It has just been a wonderful career. I enjoyed all the experience, it was wonderful, I did everything I wanted to do so now I’m fine with the ending and I’m definitely looking forward to come to Ostrava to be a part of the crowd and see the younger generation coming up.

How do you remember the special race on 300 metres you ran in 2010 here in Ostrava?

I remember after I was running 300 here I was talking to my coach and he was asking me why I was running so hard because I was almost dying in the end, the last 50 metres. It was a good experience and always trying to have fun.

What it will be like when you’re not competing?

I have no idea, I just want to sit and watch and see who will be the next Olympic Champion. My coach wants to convince me to train others but I’m not sure about it. You’ll definitely see me on track and field though.

What you will miss the most?

Fans and competing, these are two things I’ll definitely miss.

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