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Farah: I am going to run my last MEETING 10 km

27.6.2017 | 13:39

Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz)

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah will run his last meeting 10 km. Just before he will say good bye to this track at the Golden Spike in Ostrava, he spoke at the press conference. Look at what he said to the journalist coming to Ostrava from the whole world about …

… Czech running legend Emil Zátopek?

It is pretty incredible to win 2 medals at one Olympic Games but to win 3 gold medals that is a top. It might seem easy but I am telling you it is not that easy. He was an amazing athlete.

… his previous performance in Ostrava?

To be honest I do not remember it. I have a problem to remember what was yesterday. However, it was not a good race for me and I always try to forget the bad races as fast as possible J

… his track and field career?

I am a little bit sad that my track and field career is coming to the end but in order to challenge the guys in marathon and run a decent time I need to change my focus. Track changed my life. Competing at the London Olympic Games and winning double in London – that has been an amazing journey for me. However, I know I have to move on now. I want to mainly run a decent time at the Golden Spike. It will be my last track race on 10 km and afterwards, I want to get ready for the upcoming World Championships in London. If my performance in London will go great, you are not going to see me on the track anymore. I might compete at a few meetings but afterwards I will be done. It is very different to train for marathon comparing to the training for 3 or 10 km and I need to start focus on marathon.

… upcoming World Championships in London?

I am going to run 3000 m in London. I am focused on what I need to do to win at the World Championships. It is not going to be easy, every year it gets harder and harder but nobody is going to give it to me, I have to earn it. I just have to believe myself and my experience that I can do it. I am definitely aware that I will have to handle the pressure as I will be competing at home. I am going to take it positively. People will be there to support me and cheer for me and that gives me more energy. After competing at Golden Spike in Ostrava, I am going to back to training camp in France and focus on winning gold medal in London.

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