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Premiere for Rudisha and speed test for Holuša

27.6.2017 | 14:26

Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz)

After saying good bye to competing Ostrava by Usain Bolt and to 10 000m by Mo Farah, David Rudisha will have his premiere in this year`s Golden Spike Ostrava. He will run 1000m race for the first time.

About first time ever 1000m

RUDISHA: I am so excited. 1000m is one of the races that is close to my 800m. Previously I was running 600m and that goes more to the speed. This will be my personal test of my limits.

About his approach to 1000m

RUDISHA: Going beyond my limits is exciting and I am thinking how it is going to be. I must not go crazy for 800m. 1:46 for the 800m and then push the last 200m. I can do 2:15 or better than that, it depends on last 200.

HOLUŠA: I think it is a good plan from David and I think he will be careful, because he has never run 1000m race. It is a very specific distance and very different one from the 800m. It might not seem since it is only 200m more, but it is crucial. Fast 800m does not mean fast kilometre. It is a good premise but not a settled finish.

About beating David Rudisha

HOLUŠA: I think I would beat him at 1500m, but 1K will be a tough race. My plan for tomorrow is not to be looking at David`s back from too long distance. It will be my last race in the first part of season and I feel that my shape is perfect. I want to leave all my power here. My goal is to break the national record and I think it is possible. I am glad that he does not want to push it too fast because with pace keeping the WR, the last 200m would be a march.

Plans before the World Championships in London

RUDISHA: I have done some good preparation, as usual I was trying to do more of volume running and then quality of course. I will run my last 800m in Budapest and then 600m in Lagos to make sure that my speed is good.

About their relationship to non traditional events like 1000m

RUDISHA: I love running 600m, it is always exciting and I find it more relaxing, because I am not pushed to run this or that time as in 800. It is also fun to do something different during the season.

HOLUŠA: Distances like that do not put too much pressure on us compared to our major event. Recently I have been enjoying 3000m the most. Also, 1500m we can run at every Diamond League but finding a good quality kilometre is not that easy. For the miler I am 1k is a perfect speed test. If I run fast I know that I am well prepared.

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