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RÖHLER: I would like to break the meeting record

27.6.2017 | 15:22

Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz)

The javelin competition will be a big fight between the team Germany and the home Czech team. Thomas Röhler, the Olympic gold medal winner in javelin from Rio will compete against Jakub Vadlejch, the three times Czech champion. The captain of the Czech team will be the world record holder, Jan Železný.

THOMAS on his feelings about Ostrava, about the new format - team competition btw. GER and CZE team:

I always look forward to Ostrava, it is a very nice meeting with a long tradition. Czech Republic is a javelin country, the crowd is amazing. I like the new format, to combine the team and single performances. I look forward to meet the second best team in the world, the Czechs.

JAKUB about the new format - team competition btw. GER and CZE team:

I like the idea about the match btw. Czech and German team, although it will be very hard to compete against Germany. But we will do our best.

THOMAS about the chance to have a throw over 90m:

We are in a good shape, it will be a little bit about the conditions. The sector is good, the stadium is also ok for the long throws, it would be amazing for the spectators if we manage to show some long throws.

JAKUB about the chance to have a throw over 90m:

Thomas had an over 90m throw several times. I’m still waiting for it. I try to work on my technique, always do my best. It should be hot tomorrow, this is something what I like, so I hope that could be the right day for me for the best result.

THOMAS about the differences in his training approach:

We came pretty healthy out of the last season. We changed nothing major, just to structure more the training. We changed the small things. I have to have more rest, to have quality training, not to train too much. The competitions are the best training for me during the season.

THOMAS about the role models in javelin:

I had some role models, I liked Thorkildsen, but later I oriented myself more to Jan Železný. I had to grow older to understand more the difficult techniques, I robbed something from Jan Železný, from Backley, Thorkildsen, but now I have to find the perfect technique for myself.

JAN ŽELEZNÝ about the world record and the meet record:

It is clear my WR will be broken one day, but when this will happen, I don’t know. Thomas and Jakub are both athletes with big potential. For Thomas to throw 90 meters is a big step, it is important to be confident at 90m first and then you can move further. Jakub is working very hard and his skills are much bigger than his previous results. I would love to see 90m tomorrow. I would have no problems to give out my meeting record here, which is 94,64 m.

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