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Maslák and Van Niekerk going to maximum

27.6.2017 | 15:46

Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz)

Another non traditional distance will be on schedule on Wednesday. Two time Indoor World champion Pavel Maslák and Olympic winner and World record holder in 400m Wayde Van Niekerk will run in the 300m race.

About attacking Usain Bolt’s meeting record

VAN NIEKERK: I’ve already run some really good sprints this year and I’m happy I’m moving forward in my speed. The 300m will be next step on the journey for my usual fast 400m. I always want to do my best and run faster. Usain’s record is definitely challenging so why not to try it.

MASLÁK: I don’t think I will be attacking Bolt’s time. Obviously I want to run my best, but I want to finally break the Czech record of Jiří Vojtík, which still resists. I tried to reach this time for several times. I hope tomorrow will be the lucky day and I will run faster than my PB indoors, which is 32:15. Actually the target is to run under 32.

About the specifics in 300m

MASLÁK: It really is a tricky distance. I think the difference comes in the last 100, but the most important is to start in the right speed. You cannot run the first 100m too fast or too slow. You have to find the line between your maximum and optimum. That is the most difficult about 300m.

VAN NIEKERK: It is not an official distance so I’ve got nothing to lose. I just want to go there and do my best. I want to run to maximum through the whole race, no excuses.

About London and running every day for 6 days straight (he should run 200m and 400m)

VAN NIEKERK: This year has been difficult for me and I am not that confident when it comes to my runs, but we still have another month to train. And doubling the events is of course challenging but I want to see where I can go and what my body is capable of.

About Usain Bolt

VAN NIEKERK: We are showing respect to one another and also with Pavel Maslák we keep in touch. Of course there is much I can learn from Usain.

About doubling 100m and 200m

VAN NIEKERK: I would definitely like to compete in 100m and 200m more constantly. It has always been my dream and I need to work on that, because in 400m I have already managed to become someone and now I need a new motivation. And that could be short sprints.

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