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First time in Ostrava, with the hope for meeting records

12.6.2018 | 15:49

Foto: Luděk Šipla (sport-pics.cz)

Two undefeated athletes from last year - Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT) in high jump and Sam Kendricks (USA) in pole vault will compete for the first time in the Golden Spike meeting  in Ostrava. Both to overcome the meeting record.

About Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava:

Barschim: I’m watching this event for so many years, the last five times I saw it even live. I always adored the sold out stadium, loved the supporting crowd. I’m very positive about being here for the first time.

Kendricks: I’m very happy to be in Ostrava, it is my first time here. When you find a venue you love, you love to come back again and again. I saw the videos, how the stadium changed in the years, and as I saw the track yesterday, I can say, it will be one of my favourite arenas.

About the meeting records:

Barschim: There is no Championships this year, so I am chasing records on all meets. I would love to overcome the meeting record here. 

Kendricks: Thinking about the meeting record, you are also talking about the legacy of the stadium. It is a big challenge, because you also “compete" with all the other MR holders. I know Renaud Lavillenie is the record holder here, my one to one with him this year is 2:2. So, it is a big motivation to push it to 3:2. But I have many big competitors here, the Czech buddies Jan Kudlička a Michal Balner, so everything is open.

About the pressure to overcome the WR

Barschim: I’m happy to jump about 2.40 m this year. I feel no bad pressure, sometimes if you feel to comfortable, it is good to be reminded about the world record and to deal with a little bit pressure.

About the motivation to win

Kendricks: In the previous year we were undefeatable with Mutaz. It is important to have new challenges, and a new, unknown stadium gives you these opportunities, the new motivation. You will meet the domestic crowd, supporting the domestic athlete. You have to deal with all the differences. You have a short checklist: do I have my pols, are my legs ready, how are the conditions on the track, what about the weather conditions. To find balance in this gives you the new motivation.

About popularity

Barschim: In the past five years track and field become very popular in Quatar. For me it is a good pressure, I like meeting people on the streets. My performances become a national thing. I work very hard, and when you see people appreciate it, you know it is worth all the work.

About the next World Championships in Doha 2019

Barschim: It is amazing to compete home, I’m very lucky Quatar will host the Worlds. Every Championships has to build its own legacy, I saw the venue and it is great. We have hosted a lot of great events, so I hope this one will also be amazing.

About the World Championships in Eugene 2021

Kendricks: Every Championships has his own legacy. USA never before hosted this top event, so it is a huge opportunity to create something new. So many new ideas are coming up in Eugene.


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