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Safety first. Information for visitors

13.6.2018 | 09:32

Foto: DefendIt

Are you planning your arrival to Ostrava for the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting? Read the following instructions about what you can/cannot carry into the stadium. Avoid the long queues and checking while entering the athletic meeting. The priority of the whole world is now “Safety first”. So we recommend all fans to come with a time reserve before the meeting and we thank you all for your patience and understanding.

List of the forbidden things at the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting 2018

The entrance will be forbidden to all people with following items:

• racist, abusive, vulgar or violating good morals or propaganda material;
• Weapons of any kind, as well as all objects that are usable as cutting, punching or stabbing weapons;
• sprays, corrosive, flammable and coloring agents or other containers with substances affecting health;
• bottles, cups, jars, cans or other objects that consist of fraying, scrap or exceptionally hard material;
• nested objects such as a ladder, chair, stools, box or suitcase;
• fireworks / flares, smoke and other pyrotechnic articles including particular launchers;
• flag or banner bars, including telescopic;
• flags and banners larger than 5x3 m;
• vultures and pressure horns, drums that cannot pass through X-ray inspection for their size;
• alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind;
• animals;
• laser pointer;
• suitcases, big bags or backpacks;
• cameras, camcorders, and other devices for the purpose of professional recording of sound or images except as expressly granted by the organizer of the event.

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