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Bolt and golf? 'If I trained I would compete with Woods'

29.5.2011 | 19:50

Foto: graf.cz

"I feel little uncomfortable," smiled Usain Bolt before his first golf stroke. Then he looked far away where his ball will flew. He tried wind conditions with his finger and smiled for the last time at his friends standing behind him. Then he hit the ball and it flow just above the grass. That was the time when the Golf Tournament in Slavkov, near Brno was opened by Usain Bolt. The tournament was full of czech celebrity as a former world number one in tennis Ivan Lendl, hockey star Jaromir Jagr and a tennis player Tomas Berdych.

Jamaican sprinter was not satisfied with his first attempt so then he tried golf strokes another two times. The third attempt made him happy. "That`s what I was talking about. Now I made it right," smiled Usain.

Twenty-four years old athlete was very pleased to meet legends of czech sport. "It is a pleasure for me and a great motivation. I also want to become one of the legends," said Usain looking at Jagr, Lendl and Zelezny.

And did he enjoy the feeling to be a golf player for a moment? "I really enjoyed that. When I get home to Jamaica I will try some golf strokes again," said Usain.

On Tuesday he will run 100m at the Golden Spike 2011 in Ostrava where he will show up what he is really good at. "I am really looking forward to the competition, mainly for the sprint with Bolt in it," said a tennis player Lendl.

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