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At London Olympics it will be a run for victory, not for time

23.5.2012 | 19:45

Foto: graf.cz

Triple Olympic champion from Beijing 2008 Jamaican top sprinter Usain Bolt comes to Ostrava for the 6th time. The biggest star of 2012 Ostrava Golden Spike received his start number and the symbolic first ticket to the Czech Olympic House in London.

What did he talked about at the Press Conference:

- about Project Bolt and the Olympic season

"I have to work as well as before Beijing, I have to stay focused. I´m glad I continue well in the preparation, my coach is also satisfied."

- about chocolate – the big gift he received after the finish of the kids race in Ostrava

"It was the biggest chocolate I ever ate. It was big, but actually good."

- about the estimated time at Golden Spike

"I expect to run fast, continue the way I started the season. I hope the weather will be as nice as this, I have never seen such a sunny weather in Ostrava."

- about his 6th time at Golden Spike, what does he remember from Ostrava

"I remember bad weather, perfect fans, and the all the photographers shooting all the time."

- about the change of the technique and improving after Beijing Olympics

"Technical we are working a lot on the start and my strength. Working on fitness. I hope I will improve all aspects of my running."

- about the time under 9,9 s for three sprinters in the beginning of the season

"It is going to be a very good season. I´m never worried about others, as long I´m in a good shape. But it is good for the sport."

- about the estimated time in London Olympics

"I can´t say. You never know on the weather. I will definitely run as fast as I can. I definitely will run for victory, not for time."

- about learning from the false-start in Daegu

"I learned always to stay myself. In Daegu I was surprised how things went well, I was excited, not concentrated. But nowadays, it does not bother me, I know why it happened, I have to stay focused and this will not happen again."

- about London, what is more important 100 m or 200 m

"As long as I´m in great shape, nobody can beat me. I like more 200 m, it´s my love, but 100 m is a glory event, it´s more popular. "

- about relationship with 100 m World Champion Yohan Blake

"Both our agents don´t want that we compete to each other, maybe we won´t meet at any other race than London. The show will be much better, when we meet in the race. We should meet when we are in our best shape.”

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