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Olympic winner from Grenada, Kirani James is in Ostrava

24.6.2013 | 17:20

Foto: graf.cz

One of the big athletic stars came to Ostrava. Kirani James, who is the Olympic winner from London 2012 and the World champion from Daegu 2011 in 400m, is the first and only Olympic gold medalist for Grenada.

"How is that feeling?” was the first question for him. "Feeling is very special, my people have been very proud of me, I hope I will repeat it in four years. I want to get better every year,” said Kirani James and added: "Everybody got crazy. It was great celebration, whole island was happy. They even called one day a state holiday because of me”. But he also said that he is still the same man as he was before Olympic Games, with the same trainings and the same goals. He is just focusing on being better.

This is his second visit in Ostrava. He was here in 2007 for Youth Championships and competed as a 14 years old boy. He could say that this big athletic event was the breaking point for him to get serious with athletics.

Now, 6 years older he could be the one who might beat the meeting record old from 1976. "Could it be possible?” we asked. "Why not,” he said with a big smile on his face. "If the weather is good with good runners, I might run very fast.” By the way, the meeting record is 44,70s, but he already ran faster this season.

His coach, Harvy Glens said: "Kirani is in good shape. We just arrived from US Championships. We want to focus on consistence in 400m and run every 2-3 weeks before World Championships in Moscow.

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