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Olympic winner and art lover Harting is impressed by Golden Spike Trophy

25.6.2013 | 17:56

Foto: graf.cz

Current Olympic, European and double World champion, Robert Harting, a discus thrower from Germany came to Ostrava for the first time in his successful career. After seeing the trophy of Golden Spike he said:”I didn`t know that there is such a beautiful trophy, even more I want to win here.” Let`s have a look what he said at the press conference.

… about Jan Zelezny, his world record and three gold Olympic medals?
It is unbelievable record and very outstanding career. Very few athletes could finish with such amazing statements. I will try to reach same goals but I think I will not finish my career with 3 gold Olympic medals. I might do two. I have been doing my best to achieve it.

... entry lists of Golden Spike in Ostrava?
It should be 12 degrees on Thursday, so in this kind of weather, the head will be the main key. Even, Polish athlete Malachowski is here and he is the world leader of this season.

... 35 competitions in row unbeaten (till last week)?
Eventually, the fact that I lost after long time helped me in one way. Before that I focused too much on it. I have started to get better with power coordination and this is much better for me now. And I can say it is just statistics.

... in memories with Czech Republic, where he throw his personal best 70,66m in Turnov?
I have great memories with Turnov. It was a great competition, but now I am looking forward to IAAF World Challenge Golden Spike meeting. I haven`t seen much yet but I see great organization here.

... to be the best athlete in Germany again?
This year is ideal for athletics because this year are not World Championships in football. So I have a good chance to win again. Of course it depends on my success at World Championships in Moscow.

... having a state holiday as Kirani James in Grenada, possible in Germany?
There do not have to be celebrations. But we cannot compare Grenada and Germany. In Germany are many successful athletes in various types of sport.

... Golden Spike Trophy?
It is great that sport and art are connected in this beautiful trophy. I was not here before, so I did not know that I can also receive this trophy. Even more I want to win here.

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