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Usain Bolt arrived in Ostrava

23.5.2015 | 20:17

Foto: Miloš Židík

Six-time Olympic Champion and World Record holder in 100m and 200m Usain Bolt arrived in Ostrava. Jamaican sprinter, one of the greatest stars of athletics, will perform for the seventh time in Golden Spike Ostrava.

In his last six participations here nobody could beat him and it is very likely that he will not come out defeated this year as well. “I feel very good ,I had a nice training session back at home.  It is my seventh time in Ostrava so we will see if that is my lucky number“, said Usain at  the International Airport of Ostrava when he landed at 7 pm with the charter aircraft.

“I am happy to be back in Ostrava although I had no idea that the stadium is new, I have not heard anything. One of the first things I do is that I will go and take a look“, commented the reconstructed site of City Stadium in Vítkovice.

What are his plans for the following couple of hours? “I am very tired after the journey that took more than twenty hours so I am looking forward to rest a little“.

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