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Press conference with Usain BOLT

24.5.2015 | 16:22

Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz)

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt came to the press conference before his seventh apparence at Ostrava Golden Spike. Meeting Director Jan Zelezny and Meeting Manager Alfons Juck welcomed Usain Bolt and gave him his starting bib.

What did you get to do after your arrival yesterday? Did you have a chance to see new stadium, yet?
„I feel much better, after such a long trip. I am happy to see that entire hotel and stadium complex have improved. I have met Asafa Powell at the dinner and since we have not seen each other for a while we had a lot to catch up.“

How do you look forward to your start at Golden Spike? What do you remember from the last meetings?
„Cold weather, but I am used to it. I am in much better shape than at my last competition. Me and my coach Mills are happy with my running, so far. We hope to run good time here. Therefore my start in Ostrava is very important for me to see where I am standing at.“

What do you think about other guys running? There were several great times at hundred meters this season.
„I am mainly focusing on getting back on track with my technique and speed. Personally, I do not worry about anybody else. I keep focus on myself, my own challenges and getting back to shape after taking some time off.”

Do you plan to run against other guys before the world championship?
„I do not avoid any races or anybody but the closest I know about that I will run against Asafa Powell is in Paris, Diamond League."

How serious was your injury in Bahamas, where you have skipped your last run?
„It has not been anything serious, at all. My hamstring was just little sore but I didn’t want to risk any more serious injuries at the beginning of the season. I am completely fine here."

What do you think about Justin Gatlin who ran 100 m in 9,74 in Doha?
„I don’t think I need to make any comment to it. Most of the people reacted the same way."

After taking almost a year off due to your injury did you have to change your training and lifestyle in general?
„I pay more attention to any injuries. I have done more medical check-ups to prevent the slightest injuries than in the past. Of course, I have made a little adjustment to my lifestyle, as well. I have cut back on social life and I watch more what I am eating, and focus on my training."

You have been talking a lot about your plans on 200m lately. Do you still consider 100m as your focus event?
„I don’t think about 100 m anymore after running 9,85 s. I believe that if I am able to run
200 m fast, then it will reflect my time in 100 m, as well. My main focus is on 200 m, currently. Over the time, I do not mind make sacrifices.”

Do you feel that pressure on you is rising with upcoming Olympics in Rio?
„I do not think about it at all, if it is an Olympic year or not. Therefore, I always look forward to come to Golden Spike because this meeting is apart of all the pressure. As long as I am fit and in shape, I plan to include Golden Spike into my season, so I do plan to come back to Ostrava even after the Olympics 2016.”

What do you think about the start list on Tuesday?
„I don’t know, I have not seen it yet.”

What about your plans after end of your career?
„I do not have any plans after my running career, I would like to retire, if possible. I do plan to stay involved in track, as a Puma ambassador, motivational speaker and work with youth."

Does it mean something special for you to race again in Beijing where you set your greatest results for the first time?
„I am looking forward to go back to the World Championship in the Bird`s Nest, Beijing where everything has started during 2008 Olympic Games and I would like to raise the bar even higher.

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