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18. 12. 2019 | 12:01

The best gift is the experience and Ostrava Golden spike is the experience with many tops… It is the meeting with one of the best starting lists from all the athletic meetings in the world. It belongs among the most prestigious events organized in the Czech Republic, and, since 2020, it becomes one of only ten athletic meetings in the world which belong to the new serial of the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold. The 59 years of the traditions comes hand in hand with the format of the future.  

The ticket for the Ostrava Golden Spike: That is the entrance to the best of the bests in this field. It is the unique show, exciting fights. It is the athletic super star, the best guys in the world in sprints, middle distances, jumps or throws. That is the crowds which make you feel excited and which also is a great fun for the whole family. Ostrava Golden Spike – that is the unforgettable experience, the best gift you can purchase event in the last minute from today on, anywhere HERE »


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