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Karsten Warholm likes the eighth lane

07. 09. 2020 | 16:56
Karsten Warholm likes the eighth lane

Norwegian star Karsten Warholm wants to break the world record, which is still held by American Kevin Young from 1992 Olympics in Barcelona with time 46,78. Lately at a meeting in Stockholm, Warholm was only 0.9 seconds slower and set the new European record with time 46,87. He came to Ostrava in an extraordinary shape by thy private jet.

Karsten Warholm

On his goal for tomorrow

The track here is really good. I was also looking at the weather report and it was good as well. You never have a guarantee for anything, not talking about the record. You never know what can happen. For myself, it is important to be the best and it is going to be the same tomorrow.

On changing schedule. His race is already the second event in schedule to secure warm weather

Thank you for this. This is the thing which makes things more possible. Doing the thing - it helps athletes to perform well and I appreciate it.

On the perfect race main factor

I think the best thing I can do is to get normal race. When level is there, it is there. I feel fast enough, well enough, you should not be too eager to go or you can hit the hurdle. My body is good, shape is good.

On athletic season

I have always been focusing on development becoming even better, but this year, it is even bigger. Somebody gives up, quits the season…. It is sad. But the process is all about the development. I am proud of what we have done and we did a good job with my coach. Season like this gives people chance to choose meets you wanted and to train more and longer. So this season can actually be a gift. You can learn from it. I would like to have had the European championships or Olympics, but it is as it is. I have been ready. I had to keep on running. I was prepared to race the best guys. The way it is now, I am running because I like to do it.

About running in the lane 8

My favourite lane? I think it is good for running and I do not care about anybody else. Right now, I feel like it is good and in a big stadium like this, it is a good solution.

On his popularity at home

It is worse now; things have changed in 2017 after the world championships. Before, it was ok, now, the things are different. But the mask helps (smile).

Role of his coach

I think it is everything. You have athletes with talents, but if you don’t have coaches, experienced people, it is hard. I found someone who knows a lot about the sport and has a passion for this. It is important that athletes don’t take themselves as stars of their own but also a part of the team you are cooperating and you can then accomplish even more.

On private plane trip

It was my first time but hope it was not the last time.


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