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Ryan Crouser loves roaring atmosphere

07. 09. 2020 | 17:10
Ryan Crouser loves roaring atmosphere

The record of Golden Spike in shot-put is 22.27 metres. On Tuesday evening, this record held by Tomas Walsh from New Zealand will be attacked. Spectators will be able to watch performance of brilliant American shot-putter Ryan Crouser. He already threw as far as 22.91 metres this year. Also the record of 68.06 metres in discus throw held by Delis from Cuba can be a history tomorrow. Daniel Stahl from Sweden threw over 70 metres this year already.



On energy

I will go to gym, I feel a lot of energy. My goal is to always throw at least 68 metres. We will see what the weather will be like, mainly the wind.

On Swedish athletics

It always grows, in techninal disciplines in throws and in jumps. It it quite good and I am glad for it.

On weird year

Last year I competed every weekend. So this year it’s a bit different. I use every possibility to compete. Sweden has been and is open during pandemic. All the world was locking down and isolating. But we keep it. It’s a hectic time and sad for everyone, but I has been training as usually.

On lifetime’s throw

My goal is to throw as far as possible and of course the world record is kind of a goal as well. I still have a lot of energy, so I am optimistic. To throw around 80 metres is realistic. It is still my goal, I believe I will make it.



On waiting for the exceptional result

I have traveled a long journey but I am happy I could compete in Poland. Result 22.50 is great and I am happy. I have been waiting long time for such a throw. During the quarantine I was training in gym. And I had to get used to humble conditions. A 3x3 metres garage  and 240 kilograms of weights. That’s all I have. I had to improvise a lot, but I love my sport even more since then. I build myself my own throwing ring on a parking lot and it helped me more than I was expecting. I again found my rhytm. I have gained 10 kilograms since the Olympics and I’ve been feeling a but stiff, but I am back in shape now.

On spectators

In the USA we had 50 spectators at the races. On Sunday in Poland it was a few thousand. I felt great. I am very happy that I can experience this atmopshere again. I love tribunes full of cheering people.

On 23 metres

I overcame this limit a few times while training. Nothing too difficult, I just leaned on the ball as much as possible.


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