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I do not care about the rain. I am ready to win

17. 05. 2021 | 15:20
I do not care about the rain. I am ready to win

The Olympic winner from London 2012 and world champion from Daegu 2011 Kirani James was one of the first athletes to present his goals for this year's Ostrava Golden Spike. The great 400 m runner is looking forward to the race, regardless of the rainy weather. His goal is to win.

About the journey to the meeting and his memories of Ostrava

I arrived today from Phoenix and it was a long flight. However, I feel ready for the meeting and I am mainly excited for the opportunity to compete. It will be my third race in Ostrava. I ran here in 2007 at the World Youth Championships and I will never forget it. It was my first time on the world stage; therefore, it was a huge experience for me. I also competed at Golden Spike in 2013. It was after I won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in London and I was very excited to be here.

About the weather

I ran in this type of weather already before. I ran a great time 44.2 in fifteen degrees during the Commonwealth Games. I cannot change the weather. I can only control how I compete. I am also used to run in rainy weather as I regularly compete at one meeting in Iowa during the fall.

About the goal at Ostrava

I cannot predict what will be. I will see how I feel during the race day. I have never liked to talk about the time before the meeting. My ultimate goal is to win. The meeting record does not belong to me anymore, but we will see what going to happen on Wednesday. In last year, I only rested and trained a lot. It was tough but all of us athletes were aware of the seriousness of the situation. It was bigger than athletics and the Olympic Games, it was about people´s health, so it was necessary. Now I am back, and I am excited to compete again.

About competitors

Even though I do not regularly follow the results of my running competitors, somebody always text me a message about it. I already looked at the start list and I am also excited to see competing world class athletes in Ostrava. I am excited to watch Christian Taylor. If I know the Czech runner Pavel Maslák? Of course, we competed together several times. He is a nice guy.


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