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I fell in love with the 200 m, confessed the sprinting rising star

18. 05. 2021 | 16:06
I fell in love with the 200 m, confessed the sprinting rising star

The legend of the world women's sprint of the Netherlands, Dafne Schippers, ran twice in Ostrava and won twice. The two-time world champion will undoubtedly try to win the third crystal trophy this year. She is the only one in the 200 m starting field has a personal record of under 22 seconds. American Sha´Carri Richardson ran 22.11 this year and should be her biggest rival.


About her first European tour and jet leg coming from the USA

I am excited to be here at my first European tour and just hoping to do well. I do not care about the jet leg. Even if I was jet legged, I would never use it as an excuse. I am feeling good.

About her relation to the 200 m

Actually I fell in love with it. I can be a 100 m runner but the 200 m, I really love it. I will definitely try to make the team in both. That is already decided.

About times possible to achieve and the head winds support

I don’t put times on myself, just want to execute for myself and if we have perfect conditions and good execution, the time is gonna be unbelievable.

About how she became a sprinter

I was running around our house as a kid. And my grandmother set me on track and that is how it started.

About the possibility breaking the 100 and 200 m world records

No records are unbreakable, they are meant to be broken.

About her name Sha´Carri

It is definitely a unique name and I will always correct the pronunciation every time somebody says it uncorrectly. It comes from my grandmother who was Carri and was always called Sha´Carri. And my mother said when she has the next daughter she would give her the name. So I am Sha´Carri.



About running her first 200 m of the year

I am happy to compete again. I am so excited to be back here in Ostrava and we will see. For us it is much easier as for the Americans with the trials. I already have the qualification standard and made the team for the 100 and 200 m. Now I can focus myself on just going faster and faster.

About running against actually the fastest sprinter in the world

Always best to run against the best in the world. It is exciting.

About her development since Beijing 2015 and her change as an athlete

I changed a lot as the whole world is different. It is a difficult story to tell in just 2 minutes. I think I am more relaxed and better as an athlete.


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