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Kristjan Čeh believes in 72m throw in Ostrava. Mihaljevič will attack his SB in shot put

25. 06. 2023 | 18:35
Kristjan Čeh believes in 72m throw in Ostrava. Mihaljevič will attack his SB in shot put

The guest of Sunday's (25) briefing of the 62nd edition of Golden Spike Ostrava was the Slovenian discus thrower, world champion and the world leader Kristjan Čeh, together with the Croatian shot putter Filip Mihaljevič. A few days ago, Čeh became the winner of the European Games in Poland and is returning to Ostrava for the second time.

Kristjan Čeh feels a lifetime shape

On his feelings after arrival from European Games in Chorzow:

It was a good competition in Poland, but I needed a little more motivation. I was still throwing quite controlled. But everything went well and I have already completed some trainings here. I'm a bit tired, but I'm feeling better and I'm confident of a very good performance again on Tuesday.

On the possibility to throw 70m in Ostrava:

I even believe in the 72m throw… I think it was my coach Gerd Kanter who managed to show such performance the last time. I would like to do something similar.

On his aims this season:

The main goal is to defend my title in Budapest at the world championships. I have already managed to fulfil another of my goals - to improve my personal record. But the goal is also to keep the level of the throws high and the technique. So everything is going well so far and I'm looking forward to all the next races.

On the possibility to break the world record:

I think these debates are appropriate. I think it is possible. If I were to speak for myself, if I'm lucky with the conditions, good technique, I think I have what it takes to break the record. This year I already attacked 72 meters and I think I still have some reserves. I have room to move.

On his memories from his first start in Ostrava in 2020:

I remember the stadium, I remember who I competed with here, but I don't remember my performance. But it was a good race.

On what is more important for him in Ostrava - the win or the performance:

It is best if you can do both - win with a good performance. At this moment I really feel very well prepared and so I am concentrating on my performance. I want to use every opportunity to achieve a good performance.

On his feeling to compete in the Czech Republic with the name Čeh:

Some joke that I'm Czech, but of course I'm Slovenian. But it reminds me of more people. I think that even some commentators refer to me as Kristjan Čeh from the Czech Republic.

Shot putter Filip Mihaljevič believes he will witness the 24m attempt one day

On his 2023 season:

Training after the indoor season went really well. In Ostrava, I will definitely aim for my season best. The stadium in Ostrava is beautiful; the competition has a great cast, so I'm looking forward to great attempts.

On the main goals in summer:

Last year in Eugene I finished sixth at the World Championships, but this year I would like to do even better in Budapest. The medal will hang very high - at this time with very strong Americans it is really difficult to think about a medal. But everything is possible and that drives me forward.

On the recent shot put level:

It's crazy. Not only is the level of competition high, but also the qualification limits are set very far. When one improves, the others are affected and everyone improves. The overall level rose by 80-100 cm on average.

On possible 24m throws:

I think that the human body is capable of throwing 24 meters. It is certainly possible, but the question is whether it will be possible in a competition. It's definitely within the possibilities of Ryan Crouser and I think Joe Kovacs too. Ryan is very close at the moment, so there is no reason not to believe it now.


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